We have our feet firmly planted in both the Creative and Corporate world of production. This allows us to work with many very talented artists, engineers and producers in creating larger than life campaigns for companies trying to make their impact in the world. For a full roster of our clients please visit our client page, or email us for some great references.

Creative Direction

Creative is at the core of any good production. Having a well thought out idea, can save you a lot of time and money. Our In-house creative department is the best in the business. Whether it is writing that catchy new song or producing your next viral video, Indigital has got you covered.


If you fail to plan, you plan to fail…cleaver but true saying that app[lies to most successful creative ventures. Planning is a huge part of our process. Making sure every detail is considered and coordinated. Learn more about how Indigital’s Producers can plan you next production flawlessly.


Production is what we live for. We have the latest in equipment and our crew is highly trained. During the Production process, our first job is to make sure our clients are as comfortable as possible. We go to great lengths to allow you to focus on being creative, enjoying the process, and watching you ideas come to life.

Post Production

Here’s where the magic happens. We move very quickly and stay in constant communication with our clients. Regularly, you will receive updates on your project’s status. We will put in the long hours to make sure we exceed all expectations. Call us and let’s talk our your Post-Production project.


Indigital Studios is a Full Service Production Company with several Production Studios available in Santa Cruz, CA. Our HQ is located in Santa Cruz, CA. Indigital has been in business for over a fifteen years providing production services for a variety of well known clients.

Our Santa Cruz Studio is our hidden gem. A 3500 sqft., 2 story music creation, and production facility. We offer 2 studios for voice overs, filming, recording, mixing, ,mastering, editing, and ADR. We can also offer an additional 5 isolation rooms dedicated to acoustic perfection. Each recording room offers multiple acoustic characteristics with state of the art design along with complete isolation and comfort. Catering to projects of any size or acoustic need, Indigital’s 1200 sqft. 25 foot tall large recording room delivers an amazing quality of reverberant sound, boasting its 7 piece modular skyline diffusor and absorber system, in this room the acoustic quality is second to none.

What our Clients are saying about Indigital

“You guys are like the Ritz Carlton of studios…”


“Best sounding studio I’ve ever recorded in! Amazing here and super cool cats. Highly recommended for recording!”

Jonny Durango

“You should know that people are still talking about “The Video”. Seems like it literally blew folks minds.”

Geoff Tanner

“In an industry filled with ups and downs, and such a wide range of possibility – there is no better place to get guidance on navigating such a path. Love Indigital !”

Brandon J. Cabral

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