Client List

Corporate clients:

Del Monte Foods, Nature’s Recipe, Herbalife, Chevron, Clear Channel, Sony, Amazon, The U.S. Census, Cisco, Microsoft,  AT&T, Mini (Cooper), Tom Gore, Intel, Linkedin, PG&E, Ebay, Skype, Box, Ray Ban, H&M, Miller, Bidewee, Logitech, On Live, Safeway, Wrangler, Bio-Rad, Sales Force, Wendy’s, Kraft, Hickory Farms, AARP, Trend Micro, Google, Wells Fargo, Sutter Health.


MTV, VH1, HBO, Cineamax, The Seattle Channel, KEXP, Funky Monkey, KISW, KUBE, 107.7FM THE END, CBS, 105.7 FM KVRU Rainer Valley Radio, CTV.


Capitol Records, Strategic Management, Anthem Worldwide, EMI, VIMBY, Schawk, VICE, BSSP, Constellation Brands, Warner Brothers, Universal Music, Sony BMG Music, IDEO

Musical Groups:

Rappin4Tay * Everclear * Yeasayer * Tech N9ne * Lady Antebellum * New Monsoon * Harvey Danger * Fleet Foxes * Vampire Weekend * Witchburn * Blue Scholars * Devochka * Bone Thugs n’ Harmony * Ill Bill * Ike Willis * Staxx Brothers * Anthony B * USE * The Presidents of the United States of America * Monty Ray * Warsaw Poland Brothers * Fuel * Sir Mix – O – Lot * Outtasite * Stephen Smartt * Chromeo * Common Market * The Dodos * Past Lives * Head like a kite * Jay Retard * The Cave Singers * The Dandy Warhols * The Heilo Sequence * The Saturday Knights * Six ounce gloves * Flowmotion * Still Time * Zox * The Hold Steady * Swollen Members * Tabi Bonney * Bilal * GS BOYZ * Abney Park * Andre Nickatina, 3 Up Front, Thrive, Shook Twins, Requiem.

Here are a few examples of some of our work. Some we created the music, some we created the videos, and others we created everything you see and hear. Please let us know if you would like a complete list of some of our work as well as references from some of our past clients. We have also included some additional songs that we have recently recorded. Many are available for you next big production. Please contact us at our head office if you are interested in licensing any of our music for placement in your next big TV series or movie! We also can produce custom music pieces to meet your particular need.

Featured Client / Production Highlights

Chevron – Delo 400

Chevron is known all over the world. So when they launch a new product, they have a huge market to connect with. The Indigital Production team worked with Chevron over a course of a 2.5 Year campaign to launch Delo 400 in over 22 Countries. Indigital was able to provide Creative, Production, and VO talent from around the globe to successfully complete one of our biggest productions to date.

Everclear – Extended Versions

Extended Versions is a live album by the American rock band Everclear, recorded at the Columbia City Theatre in Seattle WA on October 15, 2010. It was released in 2011 by SONY BMG. This is the first and only Everclear Album released and the fans loved it!

CBS – Innovation Nation

In this episode host Mo Rocca discovers more about the creator of the pop singer’s best friend, Auto-Tune. This Emmy award winning show from CBS shot one of their first episodes here at Indigital Studios HQ in Santa Cruz, CA. We are thrilled to be part of their journey and to have met and worked with the inventor of Auto-Tune.

Mini – Countryman “Wild Lover”

The MINI Countryman got to the top of its safety game the same way as any other leader: Practice, practice practice. So, basically, they smashed the hell out of it a bunch of times. Indigital and Jonny Cat Co-Produced the song “Wild Love” for one of the latest Mini Countryman Commercials.

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