Indigital’s Control Room

Indigital’s Control Room Where Music Goes To Get Polished

You’ve taken the time to book a recording session, practice your parts, beg your bassist to be on time, and you finally find yourself in the studio laying down some fresh takes. Every vocal, guitar solo, and drum fill pipes from the Live Room and Iso Booths directly into the most important room of all: the Control Room!

This is where your engineer turns your sounds into digital recordings, adjusts the hardware, and makes sure your ideas become a studio-quality reality.

We offer a variety of Class-A microphone pre-amplifiers, outboard compressors, and world-class analog-to-digital conversion. All of our studio computers are loaded up with the latest versions of Pro Tools HD, Ableton Live, and countless plugins.

Indigital holds a substantial amount of professional, industry-standard audio and video recording and music production equipment, varying from the best modern analog interfaces to prized vintage gear. Visit our equipment page (here) ( for a full list of equipment we have available for your production.

Control Room A is the granddaddy of control rooms. It is fully isolated and very comfortable for artists, producers, and even the entire entourage. This room is where we work, play, and sometimes even where dinner gets eaten during a long session.

We’ve also been known to host interviews with recording artists and industry leaders from the comfort of our Control Room.

Come take a free tour of our Control Room and the rest of Indigital Santa Cruz’s facilities by calling 1-855-RECORD-U or e-mailing us at [email protected]!