Indigital’s Live Room

Where Your Recordings Come To Life

Here at the studio we love having the ability to separate instruments, vocalists, and drums into different recording spaces to achieve that undeniable “studio recorded” tone that brings artists from all walks to Indigital.

One of the best spaces to record choirs, full drum kits, and even film music videos is our Live Room. Indigital’s 1200 square foot, 25 foot tall large recording room delivers an amazing quality of reverberant sound, and boasts a seven piece modular skyline diffuser and absorber system.

In this room the acoustic quality is second to none.

The Live Room also serves as the studio’s ideal location for a wide range of live events, from dance parties to workshops. This room has seen it all!

If you’ve ever wanted to create a music video or host an album release party, this is an ideal location not just to host the party, but to get the whole event recorded as well.