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World Class Recording Studios in Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz, CA             


Our Santa Cruz studio is our hidden gem. A 3500 sqft., two-story music creation and production facility. We offer two studios for voice overs, filming, recording, mixing, mastering, editing, and ADR. 

We have a great selection of top of the line equipment. Including Neve 1073 pres, Telefunkin & Neumann microphones, great analog outboard compression, HD cameras, & Much More.

We can offer a complete backline of the hard-to-find and obscure, with very little notice. At Indigital, we cater to our clients and offer a full-service production experience.Indigital has been in business for over a fifteen years providing production services for a variety of well known clients. 


Control, Live & ISO’s

Control Room A

Control Room A is the granddaddy of control rooms. Fully isolated and very comfortable for the artist, producers, and entourage. We offer a variety of class A mic pres, outboard dynamics, and world-class convertion. Updated with the latest versions of Pro Tools HD, Ableton, and countless plugins.

Indigital holds a substantial amount of professional, industry-standard audio and video recording and music production equipment, varying from the best modern analog interfaces to prized vintage gear praised by so many. Please visit our equipment page for a full list of equipment we have available for your production.

Studio B – The Producer’s Studio

Control Room B is our producer production room. The perfect amount of creative space for writting, tracking, and mixing. This room offers class A mic pres and outboard dynamics. 

This room also has its own acoustically treated 10 x 8 foot iso room. 

Control Room B and Control Room A are linked with 100GB connection making it easy to share files and use both rooms for maxiumn efficency. Our control rooms are updated with the latest versions of Pro Tools HD, Ableton and countless plugins.

Studio A – Live Room.

Indigital’s 1200 sqft. 25-foot tall large recording room delivers an amazing quality of reverberant sound, boasting a seven piece modular skyline diffuser and absorber system. In this room the acoustic quality is second to none.  

We can also offer an additional five isolation rooms dedicated to acoustic perfection. Each recording room offers multiple acoustic characteristics with state of the art design along with complete isolation and comfort. 


Iso A is our vocal booth dedicated to capturing a tight vocal reproduction. Perfect for voice-over clients as well as final vocals for you next big record. This room also has a direct line of sight from the control room and telephone patch for easy directing. 


Iso B is the perfect space for tight drums sounds, multiple performers, and many more applications. This room has a line of sight with the entire live room, making it the perfect room for leading your group and while maintaining isolation.

Studio A – Book Now

($125/HR – $700/Day)

Our current day rate for Studio A is $700/Day. This includes the use of Control Room A, ISO A, ISO B and our full mic locker. We offer instrument rentals and back line support for an addtional fee. Click on Book Now to browse our availablity and confirm your booking.

Studio B – Book Now 

($75/HR – $500/Day)

 Our current day rate for Studio B is $500/Day. This includes the use of Control Room B and ISO C. This studio has Pro Tools 12 & 10 as well as Ableton. This room is perfect for VO projects or small session that do not require the space of Studio A. Click on Book Now to browse our availablity and confirm your booking.

Have a production? Let us help you plan; with style.

Santa Cruz – Indigital

1305 Fair Ave Santa Cruz, CA

Contact: Chris Cottingham

Producer / Director


[email protected]

Santa Cruz – Indigital

1305 Fair Ave Santa Cruz, CA

Contact: Gianna Vani

Producer / Director


[email protected]