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Twelve Programs for a complete year-round education.


An immersive recording and development experience in world-class studios. Record your music with amazing gear and master the modern recording process from professionals.


We will provide you with some great tools to get that earth-shaking radio ready sound. Learn all about plugins, outboard gear and techniques the pros use and how to apply them to your mixes.


Master virtual instruments and music production techniques used by the top selling artists in the industry. Work with some of the coolest sounds, samples and instruments available.


Visualize your identity with professional photos and music videos. Shoot and edit your own music video shot on the legendary 8K RED Weapon camera.


Make music your business by protecting your copyrights and royalties. Learn what publishing companies do and how to interrupt deals and partnerships.


Social media and marketing can be overwhleming on your own. Let us show you how to boost your numbers and build your brand.

Questions & Answers.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions. Please contact us directly for more information about our 365 Producer Program.


The 365 Producer Program is made up of 12 Month-long Modules for creatives who spend 365 days a year, serious about making music. 

We offer an all immersive in-studio experience that is sure to be any artist’s dream come true. Students will learn how to create, develop, produce, market and promote their music properly from professionals.

During the program, students will have access to the best equipment and studios in the industry to help mold their sound, image and make a serious impact in the world of creative artistry.

Our industry leaders will guide you through the process of development to a polished presence. In addition to a complete education, students receive production support with their projects to help them mold their own sound and style.

Lectures are given twice a week either in studio or online. Students are then invited into the studio to participate in planned labs, student sessions, guest lectures & networking events. 

We recommend student’s having a minimum of 20 hours a week to dedicate to being in the program and studio.

Lessons in: Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Music Production, Music Theory, Artist Development, Branding and Image, Publishing, Copyright, Video & Photo Production, Social Media Marketing, and much more.


If you are ready to begin your enrollment process, please click on the link below.

Enrollment Application

After your application is processed, you will be prompted to schedule an interview with our intake department. We ask all students to interview 30 Days prior to starting to ensure we can plan our classes and provide the best experience possible.

During your interview we can discuss your goals, next steps of enrollment and answer any questions you may have about the program.

If you are in the area (Hollywood or Santa Cruz), we would love to invite you to take a tour of the studio.  Approved potential candidates are also welcome to sit in on a sessions or lectures by appointment.

Early enrollment is encouraged and incentivized. Our classes our small and fill up very fast. Every student, upon acceptance, will be required to complete the intake process a minimum of 30 days prior to class start. 

New classes start in December, March, June & September.


We have been in the business of creating content for over 15 years. We have worked with some of the largest brands and musical acts on the planet.

We produce a lot of content & marketing campaigns, that are seen by millions. 

We apply all of what we know to developing our student’s image, sound & brand. We love music and we are really good at pulling the best out of each student.

Small class sizes enable us to provide a unique experience for each of our students.

Our program is unique to each artist’s goals. No cookie cutting, ever. We take the time to set reasonable goals and measure the students progress along the way. Each student is assigned to a project manager that will guide them through the program.

Most course material is hosted online through our mobile-friendly app to allow for students to study and complete assignments on the go, anytime, anywhere.

Each lab is hosted in-studio with access to the best gear available. Artists are encouraged to use our equipment as much as possible and given a lot of time to work on their development in studio.

We go the extra mile to create an unforgettable experience that is like no other you will find.


We offer 12 separate month long music modules designed to provide artists with the information and production support they need to reach their goal.  

Each module is offered separately. The cost of which is $2500 per each module.



We recommend you have your own laptop (Three-year-old MacBook Pro / PC or newer). 

You also will need access to high speed internet for accessing our portal, sessions, files, online lectures and assignments.

We recommended that all students have some basic equipment to work on their music during their off hours. We recommend an interface, headphones, a decent microphone and keyboard.

We will provide you with access to additional equipment at the studio and on location, under the supervision of a qualified staff member.

All our equipment is hands down the best on the planet and sure to impress every audiophile-gear-maniac bone in your body. For a full list please visit our equipment page.


We can provide access to all the software and plugins students will need as part of their program, at the studio. 

We will explore Ableton, Pro Tools, Final Cut, Kontakt Komplete and many other plugins and virtual instruments. We recommended students have access to their own software licenses to be able to work on their music on their off hours but this is not required. 

We can provide you with our recommendations and educational discounts. As well as loaner iloks and licenses with a damage or loss deposit of $2500.00.


Instructor-Led Training

Two days a week course will meet for a two-hour instructor led training session either online or in-studio.

We have developed our own cutting edge up to date curriculum and materials to ensure you will get the most up-to-date relevant education possible.

All your assignments, projects, class calendar, homework, videos, etc. will be available online / on your mobile device through our LMS learning portal.

In-Studio Labs

Two days a week we meet in a professional studio for planned labs to work on recording and production techniques with live artists. We often work with your own music or other students as well as our top featured artists we will bring in. 

The Experience

There is always something going down at Indigital. We host many labs, guest lectures and events that make it hard to leave. When the studio is available, students are encouraged to use our facilities for writing, producing, recording & mixing.

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Learn with mobility.

We offer an up-to-date hybrid curriculum, materials and assignments. Learn on the go with many projects and in-studio labs.


Want to talk next steps? Come on in for a chat; and tour.

Our campus and studios are in the Santa Cruz & Hollywood areas. Shoot us a message or pretend like it’s 1995 and call us; We like human voices.



6820 Sunset Blvd Hollywood, CA

Contact: Chris Cottingham

Executive Director


[email protected]

Santa Cruz

1305 Fair Ave Santa Cruz, CA

Contact: Bryan Carmody

Enrollment Specialist


[email protected]